Thursday, February 06, 2020

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Special Friends

   by Reb Gutman Locks


     Once a year Avi brings by his "special needs" yeshiva students for breakfast. There is more than one thing unusual about them. One is, they need extra help, and two, they are all loving.

     One boy was obviously more physically disabled than the others. He is a very sweet, nice boy. Usually I can take such things in stride, but this one was difficult. I had to fight back tears for the boy's situation.

     After they left, I walked to the local grocery store still biting my lips over what this really great boy has to go through. It got heavy on me, but then I looked up and saw a group of disabled young people lying back on electric wheelchairs on a tour of the Old City. Although many of them could not even smile, still they were very happy to be able to press a button and move forward or to the side. The weight of their disabilities quickly eased the severity of the young boy who came for breakfast. Not that it lessened his handicap, but these other disabled youth would have loved to trade places with him.

     What's the point? In the same breath we say, "Oy, Oy! Please Hashem help them," and we also say, "Thank you for my portion." No matter how tough things seem to get, when we look around, we see that we have enough to thank Hashem for all day long.


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