Tuesday, January 07, 2020


Hashem’s Lost and Found

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     When I first asked Daniel if he was Jewish, he answered that his mother was Jewish, but he was raised a christian all of his life.

     He has his own business and he was traveling to China and Indian to be there for some time for business. He did not know why, but he stopped in Israel on his way to the Far East, just for one day.

     I put tefillin on him… he had no idea what they are… had him read the Shema in English, pray for his family and for the things that he wanted, and then we talked for quite a while.

     Obviously, the first thing was to knock off the idolatry of yashka. Daniel was able to see why yashka is not G-d, and why not to worship him. Usually xians refuse to let go of that myth, but Daniel was open to the logic of Hashem being everywhere, and that man/god not being everywhere. One of their most cherished beliefs is that after three days in the grave yashka went to Heaven and was no longer in the grave. "Well, if he is not in the grave, he is not everywhere. Don't worship him. Worship only the G-d Who is everywhere."

     We spent a lot of time on the importance of marrying only a Jewish girl,… having a Jewish family. He liked the idea very much.

      He had lots of questions about such things as, what happens after we leave the world, and, thank G-d, I had lots of answers.

     After maybe a half an hour of talking and arranging for email follow up, Danial left truly a changed man. He got rid of his lifelong idolatry, he was interested in finding out how a Jew serves G-d, and he wanted to marry only a Jewish girl so he could have a Jewish family.

     Why, on his way to China, did Daniel suddenly decide to visit Israel? … to come to the Kotel? and to be stopped by me to talk? He asked me, "Why?", and I told him, "You decided to visit Israel and to come to the Kotel today so you could talk with me."

     It's true. Hashem, in His kindness sometimes arranges things to happen to save us from a ton of trouble, and to give us the proper insight so, if we want, we will be able to turn and fulfill our life's purpose.

     When you see G-d's hand working in your life it is called; Hashgaha Peratit, (lit. divine supervision of the individual.

     Let's see if within a year or two, Daniel sends me an invitation to his beautiful Jewish wedding.


  1. AMEN! May he find his beautiful Jewish basherte soon and send you an invitation.
    Believe H' is getting to every Yiddish neshama in a way where they can do teshuvah, each to his own capacity, before the upcoming arrival of Moshiach tzdkeinu! R'l, we have the most assimilated Jewish societies today more than ever before, so these Jews by being awakened to who they really are and starting even very slowly the process of teshuvah is a tremendous kiddush H' and this way all Jews will have returned, thus, meriting Olam Habah!


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