Tuesday, January 14, 2020



by Gutman Locks  


     The Jerusalem Post, among many other news outlets, reported on the filling in of one of the final letters in a new Torah Scroll here in Jerusalem by the famous Haredi woman who is a civil court judge in New York. They wrote:

     "The New York Haredi judge also wrote a letter in the Book of the Torah of the People of Israel: Haredi judge from the United States Ruhi Freer and her husband Rabbi David Freer were honored to write a letter in the Book of the Torah of the People of Israel, initiated by Rabbi David Avraham Pressman, as part of the desire to create a connection and union with the people of Israel."

    This is just not true! If a woman, no matter how famous and righteous she might be, would write a letter in a Torah scroll, that Torah scroll would be posul (invalid). Her husband filled in the letter, but the news outlets would not have had a news item by reporting that a rabbi filled in a letter, so they included the lady judge too.

     How do I know? Her son-in-law, Josh, helps out at the tefillin stand and he was there when it happened. He told me.

     A religious Jewish woman knows not to write a letter in a Sefer Torah (scroll). To report that she did is motzi shem ra (slander) and if she wanted, she could sue them for defamation.


  1. By now, we should know that the world has gone bonkers in every way; so, according to the new thinking, r'l, downgrading a woman is like the biggest crime possible. If he could do it, she surely can. Afraid, that the era we are now in is worse than even before the Mabul, but,B'H, H' promised us that he would never destroy the world again. He's just doing it little by little: here a volcano, there a flood, fire, etc., etc., until we the Yehudim wake up and do teshuvah and the rest of the good people follow suit.

  2. As a judge, and a figure in society, perhaps she ought set the record straight.


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