Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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Bringing Us In

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Bringing Us In


     Right before the End Days, Hashem is going to gather us all in from wherever we are, even if we "go to the furthest ends of the Heavens," and He is going to bring us home.

     Josh called this young man over. I would not have thought to ask him if he was Jewish. He lives in Germany (of all places). His father is Korean, but his mother is Jewish. He was visiting his mother's brother who lives in Tel Aviv. It was the first time he ever saw tefillin. He had no idea that having a Jewish mother made him a Jew, nor did he have any idea that being a Jew meant anything.

     Josh put tefillin on him, had him say the Shema, and had him stand by the Kotel praying for his family and for his other desires. He said that he never had an experience like that before.

      Shmuli made contact with the Chabad House in the city where he lives and he said he was going to go meet with them.

     I explained to him; "One out of 516 people in the world are Jews. For some reason you were created a Jew. Nothing just happens by accident. This is what you are."

     The door has been opened. Will he begin to search out the ways of his people, or will he shrug it off and return to his entirely secular life? I do not know. But I do know that his visit to the Kotel the other day gave him an opportunity that up until then, he did not know that he had.  


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