Sunday, January 26, 2020

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A Sweet Aroma to Hashem

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

A Sweet Aroma to Hashem


     It makes a difference to Hashem, and it makes a difference to us.

     This Israeli put on tefillin at the stand and read the Shema quickly. He almost knew it all by heart. Then he rushed to take off the tefillin.

    "Wait a minute! Fulfilling a mitzvah opens the Upper Door. Talk to Hashem in your heart. Tell what you want for the family, the Israeli soldiers, the Jews in danger, tell Him, 'thank You'. Take In a minute and talk to Him in your heart."

    He went to the Kotel, covered his head with the tallis (prayer shawl), and stood there for at least five minutes talking to Hashem. He came back to take off the tefillin with tears in his eyes.

    The Mishnah tells us, what makes our mitzvahs pleasing to Hashem is not the size of the offering, not how much it costs us to do the mitzvah, but whether or not we direct our hearts to Heaven.

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