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Partnership & The Bnei Noach

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Partnership & The Bnei Noach


     There is a concept called, "Partnership with G-d" (shutafim). It was first discussed by the Torah commentators some 1000 years ago. The concept says that Hashem shared a small portion of His power with some other entities, such as an angel, or the stars. Some Jewish sources say that a non-Jew is allowed to believe in this concept, but all agree that even if he is allowed to believe in the idea of "partnership" he certainly is not allowed to worship such an entity. A Jew is not allowed to even believe in such an idea.

     The question came up as to whether or not a Bnei Noach (a non-Jew who keeps the 7 Commandments of Noah) is allowed to believe in shutafim. Apparently, there is a disagreement among Jewish sources on this.

     My answer is pretty obvious. If a Bnei Noach is fulfilling his 7 Commandments properly, he will not only keep the seven "Do Not Do" commandments by not doing them, he will understand them.  

     The First commandment is "No Idolatry." In order to properly fulfill this command, one has to know what an idol is. When you learn what an idol is you will be directed to learn that Hashem is Infinite, everywhere, all-knowing, all-powerful, and much, much more. Someone who knows that Hashem is all-powerful does not even entertain the thought that there might be any others wielding any power in His creation.

     My advice to the Bnei Noach is; learn and keep the 7 Commandments, fulfill them with joy being thankful that you are not an idolater, be aware of Hashem's Presence, and try to bring other non-Jews to this righteous path, too. Helping others to come to the 7 Commandments will give you an exciting way to serve G-d.


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  1. Great answer! Believe it take a while for the non-Jew to completely accept the ultimate truth that there is No Other Than H' (Ain Od Milvado), but still tries to hold on to some entity or concept other than Only H'. But, Truth will ultimately be known to everyone in the universe, that there is 'Only H'!


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