Thursday, December 19, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks   


Shmiel wrote:

     I need your help, 

     I'm a so called regular Chasidish Jewish 30 years old man living in nyc, learning a couple of hours a day, praying 3 times a day... so called the regular...

     I feel lacking in spiritual feelings, I feel like a happy animal...

     (I'm almost giving up, maybe I should stop trying, maybe I should just do the 613 commandments without to try to feel anything...)

    Please help me start feeling elevated or advise me that to do.

    Thanks in advance,



Gutman's reply:

     When you put on your tefillin in the morning, and you make the blessing, and then tie the strap, that is exactly where your problem lies. At that moment, you have the same kavanah (direction of heart) as you have when you tie your shoes. You are very particular that it shouldn't fall off… that is your mindset at that moment!!!!

     Instead, if you will think about what the words you just said mean, you will elevate your moment, and maybe even your entire day.

     The words you just said in the blessing were, "…Who has made us holy with His commandments." When we fulfill a mitzvah we become holy! What more could a Jew want out of life? What a wonderful gift the mitzvah is… what a wonderful way to serve our Creator.

     If you will think about this at that time you will begin to elevate your spiritual life, your awareness of Hashem's Presence. If you ignore it, you will continue in your burden of having to do what you were commanded to do.




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