Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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Fighting Anti-Semitism

   by Reb Gutman Locks  


     There are three things that we should do to fight this current worldwide rise in hatred of Jews without reason.

     Number 1: Jews must increase our love of our fellow Jews without reason.

     Hashem sends everything for a reason. One reason He sends our enemies to fight against us is so we will come together and not fight with each other. It is that simple. Each of us in our own way must increase our love for our fellow Jews in order to protect all of us from these evil people. Do even the smallest kindness to a fellow Jew, even a smile, and you will be fighting this evil antisemitism.

     Number 2: Get a gun. When we are armed, they do not attack us. We cannot depend on others to defend us. We must be prepared to protect ourselves.

    Number 3: There is another reason Hashem sends hatred of Jews in certain parts of the world. He is telling those Jews to leave that land and to come home to our Home Land now.

     Ideally, all of us should be living in our Holy Land, the Land that Hashem gave to us.

     Jews loving Jews without reason, carry a weapon, and move to Israel; these are the three things we can do to stop the recent rise in attacks against Jews without reason.


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