Tuesday, December 03, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks
                                                    Family Time


     They are from Russia but have lived in Israel a long time. They rarely, if ever, put on tefillin. Two grandfathers, a son, and a grandson. I had the fathers bless their son, and the grandfathers their grandson, read the shema, go to the Kotel and pray for their loved ones. We took pictures and although they didn't smile for my picture, they smiled for the ones I took with their camera, and the family went away very happy.

     What happened different for them? They had an enjoyable Torah family time experience at the Kotel. And if I hadn't had brought them in? They would have been sightseers looking at the stones of a Wall.

     Wherever you are, you can help others have a more meaningful time, and that experience can very possibly change their lives forever. And what does it cost you? Not only does it not cost you anything, it adds to your life.


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