Thursday, December 19, 2019

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A Great Mitsvah to Help Him Out

Our contributor on Torah oriented meditation Rav Rubin from England shares this helping opportunity from his community:

מצוה גדולה A great mitsvah

Let's Help Him Out -

My friend is experiencing extreme financial difficulty marrying off one of his children.

Since losing $40,000 to a contractor who went bankrupt, he is in constant debt. Though he works the whole day, as a school head supervisor, he has difficulty finding the money to pay for even minimal household expenses, such as bread for supper!

Let's Help Him Out -

Today he is marrying off one of his twelve children. He still hasn't managed to raise money to pay for the hall, basic catering, etc.

On top of this, he is threatened daily that he and his family will be thrown out onto the street, due to him not being able to pay the mortgage payments for his flat [apartment].

This is an amazing mitsvah, a great merit.
Save a family, and help to build a new household.
Let's make the new couple happy.

Let's Help Him Out -

The sages promise that Whoever takes part in this mitsvoh, G-d will bring them joy.

Let's Help Him Out -


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