Tuesday, November 26, 2019

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What If?

   by Reb Gutman Locks
     What If?


      What would happen if a Muslim walked into the place that x-ians say is the most holy place they have, or even into a local x-ian church and bowed down in front of all of them, and then started calling out to Allah? What do you think the x-ians would do? Stand there silently, trying to ignore the idiot like the Jews at the Kotel do when the x-ians come and worship yushka out loud there? I doubt it. They would probably try to baptize him, and if he wouldn't agree they would scream and holler and throw the jerk out.

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  1. It seems this was a purposeful act on the part of this guy. Was there a rabbi there at that time or at least a number of Jewish men who could hae thrown him out of the kotel area? Think they were probably afraid to throw him out, as the police seem to arrest the Jew and would release him. That's been the norm of late, r'l!


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