Thursday, November 21, 2019

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Turning Things Downside-Up

   by Reb Gutman Locks  

Turning Things Downside-Up


     Here is how you can learn to help sad, negative, or depressed people turn their lives downside-up. It doesn't take much, but you have to be prepared, and you have to do it over and over again.

     Start like this. Tell your negative friend that you are going to make a series of negative statements about him, or about the world, and he is going to have to answer each one of them right away with a positive statement… and you are going to help him or her to learn to do this.

     For instance; say to him, "Your bead is getting grey."

     And he is going to have to learn to say something like, "Thank G-d. Do you know what the alternative to getting old is? (Dying young!)

     "You are very short."

     "I never bump my head on the ceilings."

     "You got a traffic ticket today."

      "Thank G-d I didn't get arrested, and I can pay the bill."

      "You're not rich."

     "Thank G-d, I'm not poor."

     "You have only a few friends"

      "Thank G-d for each one of them. They're great"

       And on and on…

     Make up a list of things that your friend surely sees to be negative… things that if he wants, he can look to the positive side of… and then you have to train him to respond quickly, and positively, until he turns his downside up.

    You will be a wonderful friend, a great teacher, or maybe even a lifesaver to each of the people you teach. You might even become an Upside-Trainer.



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