Thursday, November 28, 2019


“My House…”

by Reb Gutman Locks   


     "My House of prayer will be called a House of Prayer for all people."

      A number of readers tried to defend the x-ians bowing down and praying out loud at the Kotel when we are trying to pray. They said such things as, "What's wrong with bowing down? It's the proper way for Jews to pray." Another sent me the quote from Isaiah, "Hashem's House shall be a house of prayer for all people." One even said they are showing solidity with us!

     Yes, Hashem's House will be a house of prayer for all people… but not for all religions. The objection to their presence is not merely that they do not follow our customs such as bowing as they do, but the condemnation comes from their blatant worship of their idols in our Holy Place.

     The blurred picture that I crossed out is a card that was left on a stand an inch in front of the Kotel at 3:00 AM yesterday morning. A x-ian visitor who stood there for almost an hour silently praying left it there for us. It is a picture of their idol yushka as a baby in his "virgin" mother's arms!

     This morning there were a large number of us with tallis and tefillin on davening right before sunrise; and what do I hear even louder than our prayers? A guy from Fiji arms spread out on the Kotel standing right by our minyan mumbling out loud to his little god yushka! I went over and had to yell at him three times to "Be quiet!" before he shut up.

     Now, do any of you really think that we should have to tolerate such things?

     I suggest an ongoing class in the Seven Commandments of Noah at the Kotel entrance to explain to the visitors the acceptable practices in our Holy Place before they are allowed to enter.


  1. Kol hakavod!! As a former xian who converted to Judiasm 20 years ago I have tried to explain the same thing for years. Many Jews seem to believe that idolatry doesn't exist anymore and if it does, it certainly doesn't include xianity. I think the laws of idolatry need to be taught in yeshivot, seminaries, etc.

  2. Yasher Koach to you Reb Gutman. You said it all just by saying, a House of Prayer for all peoples, but NOT all religions. There is no such word in the Torah as religions, so it does not pertain to Torah, i.e, religions is another name for avodah zorah! There will only be Torah/Yehudim and the rest of the world, the Bnai Noach!
    This problem has grown because of the allowance & laxity on the part of the memshalah that closes its eyes to this tzorah. All missionaries should be ousted from Israel. This is probably the greatest chilul H' that is being perpetrated in the Land of Israel, together with the desecration of the Shabbat on such a natonal scale as never before since Israel's rebirth, r'l.


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