Tuesday, November 05, 2019



   by Reb Gutman Locks   

World's Largest Underground Burial Tunnel-Jerusalem


    There is a major problem with not having enough land to provide everyone with an individual burial plot here in Jerusalem. So, they came up with this idea for a massive underground tunnel with the bodies placed in small slots lining the walls of the tunnel.

     When I first saw this new arrangement for burial it really bothered me. It seemed so impersonal, like just stacking the remains without individual concern, but then I remembered that really this is how families used to be buried, only obviously on a much smaller scale.

     It used to be that a family would have a burial cave, and they would place two (or as many as it would hold) burial slots on each side and in the rear of the small cave. So, this new idea is really not new at all. It is just much, much larger.

Individual Burial Plots-Mt Olives-Jerusalem


  1. Burial in walls actually seems a more aesthetic way to be buried instead of in the ground to decompose with worms and mud. My concern is if there is consideration in burying kohanim so that their male descendants still have some sort of access, perhaps in the outer walls?

  2. Maybe better still, it's a sign of the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu (soon) and there will be techiyat hameitim and there will never again be the need for this problem.


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