Thursday, November 14, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks   
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     A small group of non-Jews came up to me by my tefillin cart at the Kotel and asked a few questions. They are almost always sincere unless they have missionary ideas. They pretty much ask the same questions and I answer them as an opening to explain to them the first of the Seven Commandments of Noah… Do not worship a limited god, i.e. No Idolatry.

     Yesterday, one of them blurted out that he was an atheist.  

     I told him, "An atheist says there is no G-d. If you cannot prove that there is no G-d you cannot be an atheist."

     He became upset with me and said, "I can fly. Can you prove I can't?"

     I tried to explain that I did not have to prove his beliefs, but he did. He got frustrated with me and walked off.

     Had he not stormed off how would I try to prove to such a person that G-d exists? I always use the simplest answer.

    "Do you believe in existence?" They usually say they do.

    "Do you believe that all existence is one existence?"

     They usually agree to this…

     Well then you believe in G-d, but you call Him Existence. Existence is G-d's Most Holy Name." (The Name "Hashem" means "To Be")

      Atheists do not usually change on the spot but they go away with something to think about.



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