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by Aharon Rubin at Mystical Paths

Rosh HaShonoh, Yom Kippur & Sukkoth

The shofar on Rosh HaShonoh is a window to G-d. We experience the essence of teshuvoh, a child in the mother’s womb. As breath is blown into the shofar, Divine Breath breathes new life into creation. That shofar sound, is the sound of new Life, of Divine Revelation.
Yom Kippur, we become G-d’s breath. We stand within the shofar, a place of complete renewal,  'before the Face of G-d’.51 Cleansing ourselves, we renew our covenantal bond and closeness.
The shofar sounds and Yom Kippur prayers are real spiritual edifices. As we enter the Sukkoh on Sukkoth, we are surrounded by those sounds. They are the s’chach and walls of the holy Succoh. (S’chach is gematria (100) the number of shofar sounds blown on Rosh HaShonoh.)52 
As you sit in the Sukkoh, see yourself surrounded by the shofar sounds, cascading all around, a kaleidoscope of beauty. Sit in this Garden of Eden, among souls embraced by G-d. Take a sefer, learn or pray. Speak into G-d's Ear. Walk with G-d in this Gan. Look beyond the s’chach. Look into the light of the Shechinoh.53


The Four Species

G-d, Source of all Good, wished to do the Greatest Ultimate Good – to share of Himself.54 To do that, He hid His Light and created a being with freewill and the natural sensitivity, intelligence and wherewithall to find Him. This was the purpose of creation.
After humanity (and the rest of the world) fell, due to First Man’s sin, our forefathers, Avrohom, Yitschoq and Ya’aqov, were the first to seek, find and truly attach to G-d, the first to proclaim His Name to the world, the first that G-d could delight in and bestow His Presence upon. Thereupon G-d chose their descendants to bring His Presence into the world, His Name within the physical, to implement His Will, the sharing of His Light and Unity with Mankind.
On Rosh HaShonoh, we proclaim the Creator as King of the world and our personal King. Accepting His Torah, we show ourselves to be true descendants of Avrohom, Yitschoq and Ya’aqov. We sound the horn of redemption, ushering in the tiqun ho’olom – ‘correction of the world’, Divine Revelation to all. On Yom Kippur, we cleave to G-d, like a child to its mother, hugging, pleading, crying, the mother embracing the child close to her bosom. As we press ourselves to G-d, G-d wipes us clean, writing our names in His Heart, sealing us to Him, in everlasting life.
Now, on Sukkoth, G-d says, you have come so close to Me, stay with Me, sit with Me, be One with Me. Here is a taste of Olom HaBo, the hereafter [the mitsvoh of Sukkoh]. Here is a mitsvoh [the four species] that represents Myself and Name in this world.
My goal is the revelation of My Presence to the entire world –  ‘that all peoples of the Earth may know that G-d is the Prime Force, there is nothing else’ (Melochim II,8:60). This is the ultimate goodness. I guide everything towards the time when all nations will declare G-d as their King, that He rules over all and there is none like His people who accept His Providence in the intimate details of their life. And you, My children, are My main thought; the revelation of My Glory comes about through you.
Take the four species,55 the letters of My Name. The four are made of seven,56 My seven lights 57 hidden within My Name through which I renew and guide the world.58 Take them and be one with Me. Point them to the six directions around you, returning each time to your heart. The six directions are the six main ways I connect with the world and draw it closer to the Revelation of My Kindness and Glory – the seventh point. This is you, My children, catalyst for that revelation, always on My Heart. As you are one with Me, guiding the seven lights from the six directions to the seventh [My heart], so I do: drawing down Supernal Everlasting Love from the point transcending creation from which I constantly renew all creation, to the world through each of My six attributes,59 building the Holy Edifice speedily to be revealed, the revelation of My Kingdom on earth. 
(Excerpts from Eye to the Infinite

 50 I.e. the Ohr Ein Sof – Light of the Infinite One; see p. 52, fn. 31, on 'face'. (Shofar is gematria '' - נשם לפני ד breath before G-d'.)
52 Ari HaQodosh, Sha'ar HaKavvonoth, Derush Sukkoth.
53 Based on teachings of the Ari HaQodosh and Alter Rebbe (R. Shneur Zalman of Liadi).
54 See R. M.C. Luzatto, Mesilath Yeshorim, Chapter 1. 
55 The four species we are commanded to take on Sukkoth (see Vayiqro 21 and next fn.).
56 Three haddassim [myrtle branches], two arovoth [willow branches], one lulov [palm branch] and one ethrog [citron fruit] (see Zohar III, 283b; R.C. Vital, Liqutei Torah, Emor).
57 These correspond to the seven Sefiroth, which are essentially five lights that find unity and purpose through Yesod and Malchuth. The five correspond to five times ohr [light] mentioned in Bereishith (1:2–5). See next fn.
58 The five ohr of Bereishith (1:2–5) is gematria the four types: לולב אתרוג הדס ערבה 
59 Love, Constraint, Harmony, Victory, Glory, Balance and Connection.


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