Thursday, October 03, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     One of the highlights in the Holiday prayer service comes when we loudly call out, "Repentance - Prayer - Charity."

     In the prayer book there is a word placed over each of these words that teaches us important lessons about these three.

     Above "Repentance" is "Fasting" - above "Prayer" is "Voice", and above "Charity" is "Money".

      The words inserted above them do not come simply to explain how to fulfill the words they are over. They also come to teach us that each of them is equally as important. This means that we are not to think if we repent, we do not  need to also pray and to give charity, or if we do any one of them that we do not need the other two. They are each equally as essential as the other two.

      How do we learn this? The sages in their wisdom placed these small words above them that not only describe how to do the mitzvahs they are over, but each of the words they placed there has the same numerical value; Fasting  צום= 136, Voice קול = 136, and Money ממון = 136.

     This shows us that Repentance, Prayer and Charity are each equal. We need all of them to succeed.


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