Thursday, October 24, 2019

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“Let Us…”

   by Reb Gutman Locks 
      "Let Us…"


     And G-d said, "Let us make man in our image."[i] This is one of the biggest questions in the entire Torah. Who was G-d talking to? Did an "us" create man in their image? In whose image is man made?

    One well-known explanation is, He was talking to the ministering angels and showing humility. Another explanation He was talking to all of creation. There are a number of explanations that try to resolve this question.

     This is how I see it; Hashem was not asking for assistance from anything. He said "let us" just as He said, "Let there be…" in His other acts of creating. But here He was referring to Himself,[ii] and to the Earth, i.e. the Land, the adamah.

     Man, Adam, is made of body and soul. His body is made of earth and it will return to the earth when he passes from this world. His life force, his soul, is a portion of Hashem above. When he passes from this world his soul will return to its Maker and it will have to answer for its behavior while in this world. So, man is made in the likeness of Hashem, that is, his soul, and his body is made in the likeness of the earth.  

     Life is a temporary opportunity. One minute in this world is worth more than the entire World to Come in that we can set our future while we are here. We can change nothing once we are in the World to Come.

     One minute in the World to Come is worth an entire lifetime in this world for the bliss that we will experience there from the revelation of Hashem's glorious Presence.

     Our accomplishments while we are in this world not only determine our place in this world, they also provide us with our closeness in the World to Come.


[i] Genesis  1:26

[ii] Genesis 5:1 "He made him in the likeness of G-d"


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