Thursday, October 31, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks


     Shalom Alechem Gutman,

     A friend of mine was wearing a wide brimmed hat to shul this past Shabbos. He was advised that it was too wide and therefore was considered an ohel [tent].

    That got me to thinking, would HaShem be happy that he showed up to shul with this hat or would he have preferred that he stay home.

    Without going through the full debate I went through in my head, the conclusion I arrived at is that HaShem would not be happy that he went to shul.

     Not only would he not be happy that my friend went to shul, but also he may not be happy with any of us going to shul. You see I think we as Jewish people have become complacent and too comfortable with going to shul. Don't get me wrong, going to shul is not a bad thing, I go every Shabbos and plan on continuing to go, but I feel it has made lackadaisical with doing what HaShem truly wants. That is sacrifices at the Beis HaMikdash [Temple].

     I know there are people devoted to studying about the Beis HaMikdash but why don't we have a "think tank" going? We should be thinking about how to open The Temple Mount and build the 3rd Temple. Perhaps this is why Moshiach hasn't arrived yet.

Your thoughts?

Thank you for taking the time to read my question and think about an answer



Shalom Zev,

     If the community is getting "lackadaisical" by going to shul with all the support that is there, how much more so would they become lackadaisical if they stayed at home. Community is an essential aspect of Yiddishkeit. We grow by seeing each other.

    We are trying to build the 3rd Temple… by learning Torah and by doing the mitzvahs.

    But where you are right is that the vast majority of Jews do not have the proper kavanah (intention) when doing a mitzvah and this is why they are "lackadaisical."    

     Whereas now, at best, they are doing the mitzvahs because Hashem told us to do them… instead, they should be doing them experiencing the joy and holiness that comes from doing them.

     Right before doing a mitzvah we say, "…. Who has made us holy with His commandments."

     What a wonderous thing to be able to do!

     Baruch Hashem for the precious opportunity to do a mitzvah. If you stop and think about what the blessing says when you do the mitzvah, not only will your service and awareness of Hashem not be lackadaisical, it will become vivid, joyful, … holy.

Be well




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