Thursday, October 17, 2019

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A Healthy Approach to Life

 by Reb Gutman Locks  
     A.S. wrote:


For years I got involved in Kabbalah in some form.  I thought I was doing it safely.  Mostly hasidut. I am single now 44 years old.  What happened in last year is 2 psychiatric hospitalizations and a bipolar diagnosis.  I think I went into parades by doing mediating on Keter Shem Tov teaching specifically number 6.  I looked at all choices I made and wanted to make and determined if I was close to Hashem.  I thought in my mind I had great intuition.  What I had was energy that became emotional thinking and led me astray.  Your teachings the video on the power has you resonated with me.  Jewish energy healing though never was good at it probably did not help.

Recent years I also had cancer and major heart infection.  

For someone like me who is now on meds and no longer feels spiritual (maybe a good thing) and wants to keep Torah but needs a different approach...for someone who now believes he went to parades and became insane...someone who feels energy overtook his psyche...

What do you think is the way back or to forge a healthy approach to life?

Thank you 



Gutman's answer:

Shalom A.S.

    Simply talk to G-d in your heart. As you go through your day instead of talking to yourself, talk to Hashem. Hashem is everywhere at all times including right in front of our lips. Speak sweetly, lovingly, being thankful for the opportunity called life.

     The goal is not energy, or power, or visions.... The goal is to reveal His Presence in this world. This is done by "directing your heart to Heaven."

     Hashem bless you with a quick and complete healing.

Be well,




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