Tuesday, October 29, 2019


85 Years Old

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
     85 Years Old


     He said he was a Reform Jew so he did not need to put on tefillin. He is 85 years old, a retired banker from America. He said that he had never put them on before but later he remembered a "mitzva tank" putting them on him some 35 years ago. That's his 15-year-old grandson who had never put on tefillin. He had no idea what they were. A very nice boy who did not understand the importance of Jews marrying Jews even after I explained it to him. He does not feel that there is such a need.

     They are very fine people who understand that we have to live good and productive lives, but they have been so absorbed into the American culture that they do not understand the importance of Jews surviving as Jews.

     Four thousand years of Jewish history… from our father Avraham until now… two thousand years of Jewish exile… from the destruction of the 2nd Temple… withstanding such hatred as the holocaust, yet as far as these nice people go, it doesn't matter if tomorrow there are any more Jews in the world! Nor does it matter to some other 80% of the American Jews today. Oy!


  1. Reb Guttman, I love your stuff. I was just wondering...do you think it's a good thing to use their photo with the piece you wrote? We can't really know if they care so little for the fate of the Jewish people. Perhaps they do, perhaps not. Maybe the grandson will wake up. Maybe you had a great impact on them, as you usually do. It seems a little...

  2. Yes, it is a frightening commentary on today's Jews, in general. Even in the medinah, most of the Jews there are no different, as this starts from the top. They even took out the most fundamental basic Jewish education from the public schools and the youth are growing up without any Yiddishkeit and if it were not for the beauty of EY and now its full modernization, they would gladly live anywhere else in the world. The American culture has infiltrated everywhere. These people have learned absolutely nothing from history; they don't realize that wherever the Jew was thrown to was not that bad for the Jews until it became unbearable for the Jew. Anti-semitism is a super natural phenomum from H' to wake us up from complacency. The Torah is what keeps the Jewish people alive and all Jews must wake up NOW because we are at the footsteps of Moshiach, and begin to realize that H', Torah, Bnai Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael are one unit!


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