Sunday, September 29, 2019

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The Sound of Shofar

by Aharon Rubin at Mystical Paths

The Sound of Shofar

 The sound of the shofar on Rosh HaShonoh is a window to G-d. The mitsvoh opens a place in the highest of the spiritual worlds. Hearing the shofar, the sound of crying, of teshuvoh, our consciousness enters G-d’s Presence. We experience the essence of teshuvoh, a child in the mother’s womb. 
As breath is blown into the shofar, Divine Breath breathes new life into creation. That breath, the shofar sound, is the sound of Life, of renewal, of Divine Revelation.

Simple Meditations:

Have in mind that you are doing what is written in the Torah, doing G-d's will, as He commanded.

The long note of the teqi'oh signifies the person before sin.
 The broken shevorim sound corresponds to the damage done through sin.
The crying teru'oh sound is the voice of your teshuvoh.
The last teqi'oh is your healed soul.

Close your eyes as you stand before G-d.
G-d sees everything with one glance.
Your innermost thoughts, your travails, your inner battles.
Those fought valiantly and those otherwise.
Your triumphs, aspirations.. everything ...

Standing before your Infinitely Loving Father, embrace Him, with mind, soul and heart.

Hear the shofar sound, the main mitsvoh of Rosh HaShonoh.
It is a window to Heaven, an opening to the world of revelation of G-d.
Through this mitsvoh you are one with G-d.
Allow yourself to become enveloped by the sound, to be transformed.

As you listen, think of G-d and thank Him.
With tears and longing, silent prayer and a beseeching heart, crown Him as King of the world.
Ask Him to reveal His Oneness, His Onliness, His relationship with the world and His People.
G-d stands from His Throne of Strict Judgment and ascends His Throne of Loving Mercy.
He stretches out His Hands to us, joins in our pain, joy and prayers, and pleads for His Children.

Excerpts from Eye to the Infinite 



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