Thursday, September 12, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks



     Again, a Jew thought he was doing really great spiritually only to have fallen into the pit of idolatry. Kundalini is part of Hinduism. It is called the serpent power that lies coiled up at the base of your spine. Then, as you practice their idolatry that serpent begins to rise up your spine.


 Shalom Rabbi!

     My name is E…, I'm 27 years old and living in Israel.

Few years ago, I had a kundalini awakening and I'm suffering badly from it ever since. 

It's causing me to do circle movements with my spine and hips and chanting mantras and so on.

At the beginning I was sure I was blessed or something because I saw Spirits/Angels and entered many states such as "bliss" "Samadhi" and so on.

     But as time passed, I started to feel it's going nowhere and basically maybe even going Down.

Those experiences and energy made me more arrogant and not more spiritual.

I thought maybe it's because I'm not "ready enough" for receiving this "חסד" [kindness]

But now after hearing your story I suspect it's even not a kindness anymore. At least not for me a born Jew. Maybe for Indians it is.

      I've listened to your story and thought maybe we can meet and you can help me out and give me tips how to come back to our Father and to my way as a Jew.

Toda Raba, E….  


Gutman's response:

     First and most important is to totally reject anything that comes from that practice/religion/. Say to yourself that you do not want anything to do with any of it.

     Next; make sure that you have NO books or any other references to any of those practices in your possession. No pictures, statues, souvenirs, beads, nothing at all that talks about or came about because of your involvement with it

     Next; whenever a thought, indication, feeling, sense, or anything at all that begins to feel like the sensations you had from that tumah,(uncleanliness) gently say something sweet to Hashem, or sing a nice soft song in your head to Him. Hashem is everywhere including right in front of your lips. Speak gently and say something like, "Hashem I love you. Thank you for all Your help."

     Those feeling will continue to come back for some time, at least for as long as you are interested in them even if your interest is to reject them. Until they become meaningless to you.

     Are you putting on tefillin every day? Keeping Shabbos? Eating only kosher food?

     You will not get rid of the tumah without being fully occupied with tarahah. (cleanliness)

     Do teshuva, (repentance) lovingly and thankfully

     Go through my YouTube channel and see which videos will help you.

     For instance:

Turning to G-d


     It won't be easy, but you can get rid of all that tumah by replacing it with the Holy.

     When you need an answer to a question write a short letter and I will answer it.

     This month, Elul, is the month of teshuva.

Be well



E… wrote back:

     Thank you very much Rabbi, 

I'll start to reject those feelings; I was sure this energy is Divine because it made me enter to trance states and dancing for God.

I will try to put tefillin every day and maybe with time passes keep the Shabbat. 

     Do you have any specific days that you are at the Kotel? 

I want to come and put on tefillin next to you I need some support of a Holy man like you because this energy is too strong sometimes...

     I feel like a meeting with you will help me to wake up again my Jewish spark within and motivation to get back to my roots of Judaism.

     Will it be possible? 


Gutman's reply:

     Reject the teachings in your head but do not reject the feelings. When you reject feelings, you wrestle with them which makes the attachment even stronger. When they come, the best is to ignore them, but this is almost not possible especially when you are first trying to rid yourself of them. What you do is when the feelings come, you think of something holy, gently. If there is a strong feeling as if it were a physical sensation, imagine the feeling spreading in an enlarging circle from its center where it feels the strongest, spreading on and out past your body.

    It will take a lot of work. Once you let it in, it is more difficult to get rid of tumah than it is to get it.

     I am at the Kotel every morning before neitz (sunrise).

     You should go to the mikvah every day, too. The mikvah purifies us from tumah

     Remember, when you do a mitzvah, if you did not do it happily, with joy, you did not do it right.

     Do teshuva with love and joy and Hashem will bless you so you will be able to help others.

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