Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Is the Rebbe the Moshiach?

   by Reb Gutman Locks


     Aaron is from Crown Heights. He just sent me a number of learned Torah sources to prove that the "Rebbe is Moshiach" path is supported in these sources. He asked me what I think.


Shalom Aaron, 

    You asked what I think about this subject;

    The real question isn't, if… or who, is the Moshiach.

    The question is, whose Presence do we seek to reveal. Who do you talk to when you walk down the street? I know many very fine chassidim who talk to the Rebbe in their heads, especially when they request help.

    Without doubt the Rebbe was the greatest Jew to live, at least since the Baal Shem Tov. No one has accomplished anything near to what he did for the Jewish people. But as great and holy as he was, or is, the Rebbe is not the goal.

    Revealing Hashem's Presence is the goal.

    Even if you feel that the Rebbe sent you to serve, he sent you to serve Hashem not him. Talk to Hashem in your heart. He is the goal.

    With love and respect from Jerusalem,



  1. Probably could have been but didnt go to Yerushalayim to claim it.

  2. No one can know who Moshiach will be, only H'. Maybe it will be the Rebbe since he has the right credentials to be Moshiach Ben Dovid, but there are some others too from the Dynasty. Whoever he is, may he come immediately! Amen!

  3. Hi Rabbi Locks,

    Although in general I love your website and it is almost always very inspiring, I must strongly disagree with some statements in this article mainly:

    "I know many very fine Chassidim..." If they are fine Chassidim where did they learn to think about the Rebbe and 'talk' in their mind?

    This "talking" is a communication or mental deliberation over the teachings of the Sage. This is what the Gemara teaches that 'whoa to the person who does not stand up for a scholar yet stands up for the Sefer Torah". This is because the Sage has the whole Torah engraved in his memory, including the proper explanations and applications. The Sage is a living example of the Torah.

    In short without the Torah it is impossible to connect to Hashem. Without the Sages it is impossible to connect to the Torah. When a person wants to connect to Hashem by seeking the Divine Presence it is through following Hashem's Torah. The Torah is explained by the Sages, especially the Sage of the generation.

    Thinking about the Torah is serving Hashem. Thinking about tzaddikim is serving Hashem. Thinking about Tzaddikim is synonymous with thinking about Torah.

    Open at random any letter or listen to any simple conversation from any true Sage. The greater the Sage, the greater the Torah wisdom will be found in every seemingly mundane letter or conversation.

    Thinking about the Sage is synonymous with thinking about the Torah, and even greater, as is taught in countless Gemara ( "greater is service of the Sages...", "a person should always picture one's teacher during one's studies", " the honor of one's teacher should be as the reverence for Heaven").

    One short example is about the legendary chassid, Reb Mendel Futerfass when mentally writing a letter to the Rebbe while in Siberia and only receiving the written answer years later when escaping the iron curtain. Surely Reb Mendel knew that the goal is revealing Hashem's presence and serving Hashem!? Why did he not simply mentally 'write' a letter to Hashem!?

    You should consider adding an explanation to your comments, since some people might incorrectly interpret great Chassidim, such as Reb Mendel, of acting improperly at worst, and 'missing the goal" at best. These "fine Chassidim" are following the same mode of behavior taught to us by the Sages themselves who teach what the goal is and how to obtain it.

    Feel free to not publish my letter or edit as you see fit, but the main thing is the honor of Chassidus and the ways of Chassidus as taught to us from generations of Rebbes from the Holy Ba'al Shem Tov and his holy successors.

    Wishing you and all your family and many students a very happy sweet new year
    Chai Elul,
    Rachel Ross

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    2. When I ask for help to get someone to put on tefillin, I ask Hashem to help me. When those fine chassidim ask for help to get someone to put on tefillin, they ask the Rebbe to help them. Since, as you wrote, the great sages are here to help bring us to awareness of Hashem, then talk to Hashem. Hashem is the goal. Be well.


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