Thursday, September 19, 2019


Emergency Repair

Emergency Repair


     My article telling Chassidim that the Rebbe is not the goal, but that revealing Hashem's Presence is the goal has drawn a very negative comment by one of the readers. Here is my answer to his comment.


    Erik, be very careful when you speak about Chabad. There is no other group in the world that is doing anywhere near to what they are doing for the Jewish People. What other religious Jewish family with small children would pick up and move to the Far East and set up their tent looking for Jews to help? No one has done this since Avraham the father of the Jewish people. Hashem has blessed the Chabad Chassidim with not only love for their fellow Jew, but also with the blessing to follow up on that love, and to do something about it. Indeed, the Chabadniks in the "field" are my personal heroes in the entire world. Hashem bless them with a wonderful, healthy, happy, and successful New Year.


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