Monday, September 02, 2019

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Ellul Musings

by Aharon Rubin at Mystical Paths

Ellul Musings

    Ellul, its astrological sign a בתולה virgin holding a sheaf of wheat, is the seeding ground for the oncoming days of Tishri.

    The ARI zal instructed his disciple, R. Chayim Vital, that the first 48 hours correspond to, and thus lay the foundations for, the twelve months of the approaching new year: each four hours corresponding to one month.1

    The 13 'corrections' or adornments of the 'Holy Beard' of the Holy One of Ancient Days, the thirteen attributes of G-d's Loving Mercy with which He conducts the world, are now seeded into the superconsciousness, or supra-consciousness, of the metaphysical root of the unification of Time/Space that come into fruition during the first 10 days of Tishri.

    These days thus begin the forty days of the formation of the foetus, culminating in the Day of At-one-ment, when Moses brought down the [second set of] tablets of the Decalogue. (The nine months gestation-period culminates in Sivan, the Sinatic revelation and giving of the Torah.)

    Forty days are noted to be the time it takes to change a characteristic.Use these forty days to make a small change for the better. Acquire a new habit. Just forty days of work - and you'll have it for life!

1. Sha'ar Ru'ach HaQodesh
2. R. Elimelech of Lizhensk, Tsetel Qoton (§17); also see: Mishnoh Nidoh, 3:7; Menochoth 99b; Bechoroth 21b.


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