Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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A Bird Dropped By

   by Reb Gutman Locks


     It was a few hours before sunrise… I was sitting, learning at the Kotel when I heard something fall next to me. Unusual. I looked over and I saw that a bird dropped from his perch on a wall. Birds don't usually do this.

     I looked at him and he kept shaking his head. Then he flapped his wings but he couldn't fly. Instead, he landed on the floor just a few feet away.

     I thought, maybe I should help the guy? When I stood up and reached out, he flew away over to the Kotel, but he couldn't reach a landing space on the Wall. Instead, he tried to hold onto the side of the Wall just a couple of feet off the ground, flapping his wings very hard. A few other birds came flapping around him but he was stuck, in serious trouble, couldn't fly and flapping hard to cling to the side of the Kotel.

     I walked over and reached out to take hold of him. I intended to grab him over his wings, but his wings were up when I reached him, so I took hold of him by his body. It was so soft, and light, it felt very sensitive, even delicate. I could feel his heart beating hard.

     I took the bird and with both hands I threw him hard up into the air hoping that he would be able to make it to a high place so the wild cats that frequent the place would not get him. Instead he flew out the gate and on into the sky, flying away high into to freedom.

     What a nice feeling. Able to help a helpless bird secure his life.

     I watched him fly off high into the sky and somehow I felt a little like I was watching us when we went out of Egyptian slavery 3300 years ago. Nice.




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