Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks   


Hello Gutman,

       I am married now, Thank G-d! I find myself working towards a degree in Computer Security. However...

     I don't like working in computers, but it will make enough money for the high cost of Jewish living in Chicago with a family. 

     I feel resentment to work in a field I don't enjoy just to make enough money to live a "normal" life. Perhaps, I can move into another field down the road like Accounting which is rather dull.

     I really want to become a Rabbi and achieve a meaningful life. I want to affect peoples' lives positively every day (to feel good/positive) I don't want to sit in an office all day. But this seems like the reality. 

     I don't know what to do... Any thoughts?




Gutman's reply:

Shalom Joel,

     If you go to work just for the money you will become enslaved by the work. You will become miserable. This is what happened to the Jews who went into Egypt and this is why that story is in the Torah. To teach us this lesson.

     But if you go to that same job not for the money, but to be able to support a Jewish family, then that same job becomes a holy job and you will not become enslaved. That job allows you to fulfill the mitzvah of raising a Jewish family. It is an amazing blessing.

     As for satisfying your desire to help Jews in a meaningful way, you can still do that by devoting certain hours of the week, such as Friday afternoons to go out and help Jews to put on tefillin. Having Shabbos guests. Giving a class on the parsha (weekly Torah portion) once a week. On and on there are many ways to reach out to the Jews who need your help.

    This way you will have the best of both possible worlds.

    Thank G-d all day long that He has blessed you with your health, your family, and with a way to support them, too.

Thank G-d, really.




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