Sunday, August 11, 2019


Destruction and... Redemption? Tisha b'Av

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

This morning I watched live as a large crowd of Jews pushed through the police in Israel to be able to enter the (permitted) areas of the Temple Mount to show Hashem their desire for the rebuilding of the Beis HaMikdash (the Holy Jewish Temple).

They had to push through the police because today was also a muslim holiday, and since the Jews generally follow law and order and the muslims often riot, the Israeli government usually goes with the "most orderly - least likely to end in bloodshed" which means giving in to the muslim position since it is always the greater threat.

Unfortunately, the muslims decided to celebrate their holiday by violently attacking the Israeli security personnel.  And since in the past these have escalated to the muslims throwing boulders off the mount at the Jewish Western Wall - which was packed with tens of thousands of Jewish worshippers - the security authorities had no choice but to do their thing, strongly.  Which is exactly what the muslims actually wanted as their holiday gift: pictures and video of Israeli security authorities forcefully stopping a riot, with associated injured and bloodied people (though there were a few great pictures of the arabs setting up "pre-injured - pre-bloodied" people to send into the situation for faux-tography.

After the muslim rioters were pushed back, the Jewish worshippers pushed their way through the barred gates.  (I see the news reports officially say "ban on Jewish worshippers recinded after the muslim riots and the closing of the mosques [due to the riots]", but having watched a live stream I believe this is just a face saving statement.)

For a rare change, and given their numbers, the Jewish worshippers were actively praying, an activity normally forbidden to the Jews when they visit the Temple Mount "to avoid inflaming muslim passions and thereby effectively an incitement to riot".

Do you see the theme here?  The muslims riot, or threaten to riot, or threaten to inflame world muslim passions, and thereby deny the Jews the basic rights to visit holy sites and to pray.

I heard one of the Jews who was streaming make the following statement: "For 9 years I mourned the Holy Temple and prayed on Tisha B'Av in New York, and made no difference (in olam ha'ze).  Today I pushed onto the Temple Mount with other Jews and helped make it possible for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av."

We must learn and we must pray, but we must also DO.  Just as there would be no synagogue if some people didn't reach forward and make an effort to build one, and no yeshiva if people didn't work hard to build one, there would be no Jewish cities in the Land of Israel if Jews didn't come, stand, build and return it to the Jewish people.  And as much as Israel is G-d's gift to the Jews, He also required the Jews to work it - manna never fell from Heaven in Israel.

If we want a Beis HaMikdash, WE have to do our part.


  1. B”H I concur. The Israelis need to learn how to be Jews.

  2. And, of course, the Jewish Holiday is second to the muslim one in the 'Jewish' State! Tisha B'Av, still the saddest day. Praying for Moshiach's arrival and the building of our holy Beit HaMikdash when Tisha B'Av will be the happiest.


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