Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Thank You

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
     Thank You


     When the Prayer Leader repeats the silent prayers out loud, we listen to all that he says, except when he says the prayer, "We thankfully acknowledge that You are Hashem our G-d…."

     When he says this prayer, we bow, and we say the congregation's version of the prayer softly. Why is it for this prayer we speak during his repetition, but when he says all the other prayers we simply listen to his recitation?

     We are told that everyone has to say, 'thank you' himself because no one can say 'thank you' for someone else.

     This answer seems weak in that I certainly can ask you to say 'thank you' to so and so when you see him for the kindness he did for me.  

     So, what then is the deeper meaning of our having to also say the prayer for thanks, and not merely rely on the reader's repetition?

     King Dovid tells us, "Enter His gates with thanksgiving…" When we thank Hashem we come closer to His Holy Mountain. This means that we appreciate His goodness and His holiness more. But if I would thank Hashem for you, you would not become more aware of His Presence. This is the meaning of, "Someone else cannot say, 'thank You' for you." Each of us has to thank Him ourselves if we want the benefit of thanking Him.

     Whenever you want to become more aware of Hashem's Presence say, "Thank You."  



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