Tuesday, July 09, 2019


From One Small Stone

   by Reb Gutman Locks


     The Midrash says that when Hashem created the Universe, He made a very small dense stone and from that stone He spread out the physical Universe. Now, how thick could that stone have been? How big was it? Is this a literal teaching? Could all creation come from one small stone?

     Science recently has come to agree with the Torah that the Universe was created. Up until a hundred years ago they thought it was always here.

    Now they also agree that the Universe was made from one small very dense stone. How small was this stone? Well, according to scientists' latest estimation;

     "About 13.8 billion years ago, the Universe as we know it began. This moment, known as the Big Bang, is when space itself rapidly began expanding. At the time of the Big Bang, the observable universe (including the materials for at least 2 trillion galaxies), fit into a space less than a centimeter across (less than ½ inch). Now, the observable universe is 93 billion light-years across and still expanding."

    Trillions of galaxies of mater within half an inch! Who could believe such a thing? Well, science is catching up with the Midrash.

    If you like, I will explain that in fact that first "stone" was a lot thinner than they realize.



  1. As I always said when science comes to realize and agrees with Torah, then you know it's a FACT (True)!

  2. Who provided the information in the midrash about the small stone expanding into the universe? Was it extraterrestrials? What language was this midrash originally revealed in? Hebrew, Aramaic, or ancient Sumerian cuneiform?

    1. It was recorded apparently not in the Midrash but by the Ramban, (1194-1270) regarding the first of creation, “The thing that was created was a small object that was as small as a seed of mustard, this was the heavens and everything in it.” In his sefer, Toras Hashem Temima in perek 7 siman 37

  3. Who provided the information in the midrash that the universe expanded from a small stone? Was it extraterrestrials? What language was the midrash revealed in? Ancient Sumerian cuneiform, Hebrew or Aramaic? When was the midrash written, or is there a timeframe for this? How did the information get handed down all these years? In what country? Through whom? Thank you.


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