Thursday, June 06, 2019

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The Most Difficult Mitzvah

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     Someone asked, "What is the most difficult mitzvah? At first, I thought, "None of them are difficult," but then, after thinking about it for a while I came up with two mitzvahs that are difficult. But which one is the most difficult depends on what you are asking. Are you asking which is the most difficult to do, i.e. just doing it is difficult, or are you asking which is the most difficult to accomplish?

     If the question is, which gives you a difficult time when you do it, then I would answer that trying to help a Jew to do a mitzvah when he doesn't want to is the most difficult. Like when I try to get a Jew to quit smoking. Oh dear! Many times they get angry at me, and yell at me to mind my own business. The last guy I tried to help quit told me it was forbidden to tell someone the bad things about smoking because he stays healthy due to his "faith in Hashem." He meant that telling him those bad things could shake his faith.

     Israelis can be tough customers when you try to bring them in. And really, you could rely on the teaching that we are obligated to help a Jew pick up his fallen donkey along with him… that is, if he is not going to help you pick it up then you are not obligated to help him. But what father would let his kid do wrong just because the kid didn't want to do right? Anyway, doing this mitzvah can be difficult.

     But if you are asking which mitzvah is the most difficult to accomplish then I would say to "cleave to the radiance of His Presence." Been trying to do this every day, all day, for many years, and still have had only a peek now and then. Sometimes it feels like I am trying to pick myself up off the ground by pulling on my socks.



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