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More Energy!

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
     More Energy!


     Regarding my recent response to the question on "energy healing," a reader wrote: "With due respect, this is a halachic question and is best addressed to a competent rabbi."


My response:     Although there is continuing effort by the liberal, alternative, more modern opinions, to allow all forms of alternative practices including "energy healing" and "yoga" and such, the fact is they are trying to take on something they do not understand and make it a Jewish practice.

     Regarding anything that has any spiritual content at all, this cannot be done; zero, none, not the slightest bit. You cannot elevate or nullify anything that has the least taste of idolatry in it.

     Having said this general principal, here are a couple of examples to show you how dangerous these things are.

     An Israeli man came up to the tefillin booth some years ago and said that his wife always hated her thick eyeglasses. She heard of an energy healer in Tel Aviv who could heal her so she went to him. The man held his hands by her eyes for a moment and they actually seemed to improve somewhat, but she still needed those ugly glasses.

     The "healer" said, "That is as far as I can take you, but if you will let me call on 'other powers' they will be able to heal you."

     She agreed and he did, and miraculously her eyesight got better. So much so that she did not need her eyeglasses. One happy woman!

     He said, that night when they were in bed his wife began to twitch and jump around. He asked her what was wrong. She yelled, "Tell them to get off me!"

     She went through her day like this. He took her to doctors, healers, rabbis, and no one was able to help her. He said he was going to have to commit her to a mental institution. So much for her healing.

    When an "energy healer" finishes his session, he will often have to quickly rub one hand down one arm and then do the other arm to wipe off the energy that is still sticking to his arms…. Do you think this is normal?  

     For you to see that I am not writing about these things from books, or other people's experiences, but rather that I went through the "energy" experience myself:    

     Some fifty years ago, due to the unclean practices I was doing, people would ask me, "What is this power we feel radiating from you?"

     When I would raise my palm toward someone he would fall to the ground in bliss.

     I ended up holding my hands in fists, unable to open them for five months, until they started to bleed.

     In the beginning the "healer" thinks he has the energy, but later he sees that the energy has him.

     The scientists say it at best provides a placebo…a fake healing. The rabbis I quoted say if is forbidden…, and I am telling you it is worse than anyone who has not experienced to the depth that I did can possibly know.

Gutman's Story Goes to Hollywood 

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1 comment:

  1. My response:

    In my last letter, I specifically referenced a teshuvoh from the Rivosh that even if it is witchcraft, it is still permissible to use in order to save someone's life!
    That was the gist of my comment.
    I was not debating whether or not such practices are 'good' or not.

    (In fact, based on my experiences, I whole-heartedly agree with you that these so-called energies do not come from the side of qedushoh. But that was not the point of my letter.)

    I sincerely wish that nobody should have to use these practices and everyone have refu'oh מן השמים.


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