Sunday, June 02, 2019


Energy “Healing”?

   by Reb Gutman Locks   



     Shalom rabbi Locks. I am writing to ask about reiki. My husband was diagnosed to have cancer and his family who are religious are very assertive in suggesting to us that we should do healing through reiki. Is it ok? Because we are always telling them that since it came from the Far East it might have some idolatrous background it. Thank you.


Gutman's reply:

     Hashem heal your husband completely and quickly.

     As to your question: reiki certainly has a background of eastern idolatry and is quackery at best. All energy healing is dangerous, more or less depending on the one doing it. Some practice it while calling on spirits and powers, so it should not be done.

     One "alternative" rabbi in Lakewood says it is fine, while the rabbis who rely on science and halacha (e.g. Rav Belsky) say it is foolish at best and should not be practiced. Some people experience a feeling from the practice that they say heals them while science has said there is no such thing unless it is a placebo effect.    

     Obviously, your husband should follow the normal medical doctors' advice and could also try a number of non-spiritual, i.e. entirely physical, alternative medicines, too.

     If there would be a totally non-spiritual system that would satisfy your in-laws, then for peace at home, you might do it, but be sure there are zero spiritual practices, even names, coming along with it.

     Send me good news.



  1. Refuah Shleimah to your husband.
    I have heard of some people who eat lots of organic vegetables to fight cancer, in fact only organic food.

  2. To reiterate what I have written elsewhere:
    The Rivosh writes that even witchcraft is permitted if it will save a life.


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