Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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A Bonus

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
     A Bonus


     I love it when I get a bonus.

     I put tefillin on a father with two small boys. The oldest was maybe 9. As usual after saying the Shema I had the father put his right hand on the boys' heads and read the blessing that the Kohen say to us in the morning prayers.

     As always, before the father removed his hand, I told him to add the personal things he wanted for his son. The fathers usually say, "Hashem give you health, prosperity, success…" and they go on for a while. It is nice to see a father asking for blessings for his son. Israeli fathers can go on for a while but Americans seem to get stuck after asking for one or two things

     Then, as soon as he finished, I asked, "Is he a good son to you?"

     The father answered, "He's the best, a really wonderful son."

     The boy melted. He stepped closer to his father with a tear in his eye and put his cheek on his father stomach. The father put his hand on the boy's head and lovingly pulled the boy even closer.     

     A Bonus! I love it when I help parents and children show their love for each other, especially when they are doing a mitzvah


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