Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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The Addiction Business

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths


I came across the mpaths.com and I found it very interesting to read. My name is (redacted) and I work with experienced copywriters who have knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

I would like to know if you accept a sponsored publication on your website.

The sponsored post would include: (blah blah blah)

Our partner is a US-based sportsbook. The company has a sports betting license in the State of New Jersey, also a license for horse betting in 38 states where this is legal...

How does that sound?  Let us know your thoughts.

Here are my thoughts:

The thrill business is interesting, the addiction business is nasty.  Nasty by taking advantage turning a motivational brain chemical process into a dependency.

Recently brain science has it down, we get little internal motivation feedback hits as we "succeed".  But when that's turned into a heavy cycle, essentially it creates an internal brain chemical addiction.  

Gambling can be a brief thrill, but for some it slips into that cycle and becomes an addiction. Purveyors of gambling will say they're just giving adults choices... but a percentage of people are highly susceptible and get trapped early, and others under repeated exposure.  There is no State with legal gambling that doesn't also shortly after have to provide services for addicts and people who've destroyed their lives.

Those in the nicotine business come with the same approach, giving adults a choice... to lock themselves into a dependency that will likely cut 20% off their lifespan and kill them painfully (but give them warm little hits daily).  [If you smoke you should switch to vape as a significantly less damaging option, but not Juul which is (rumored to be) programmed to give early significantly extra nicotine hits on the first 10 puffs which is what gives the Juul buzz and ups the addictive impact.]

The addiction business is a nasty business, with those involved propagating such statements as "giving adults a choice", "offering freedom of experiences", and the like.  The problem is we humans are literally not wired to measure the short term "hit" versus the long term impact.

If you went to gamble and I said "enjoy, but the buy in is you must let me cut out your right kidney with a dull knife and no anesthesia right now", you'd tell me I'm crazy and stay away. If you went to smoke a cigarette and immediately had to have half of your left lung ripped out through your throat, you'd kick the cigarette far away.

There's a reason most societies don't allow access to heroin or other "hard" drugs - the effects are so strong, obvious and relatively quick that we understand it's NOT about having a choice or freedom, they are hacks of the human motivation system that break it.  It's unfortunate societies don't act the same about smoking, alcohol, and gambling.

I will not advertise addictions.


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