Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Jews and Measles, I got Re-Vaccinated!

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Watch this video -

Following this video, and being I live in a community in Israel that has had measles cases, I asked my doctor about being re-vaccinated (my wife and I had been vaccinated as children, as have all my children).  He sent my wife and I, both in our 50's, for a measles anti-bodies test, which checks if you are protected against a disease you have been vaccinated against.

Which came back as "borderline".  Whether our childhood vaccines had been done only once, as was the case at the time we were children and mentioned in the video above, or just a natural result of getting older, the point was we were only partially protected. 

Therefore we choose to get re-vaccinated.  The cost in Israel was ~$12, through our national health provider.  I asked the nurse if they had seen measles cases, she said yes - and that the whole staff of the health provider had been re-vaccinated.

I also asked about vaccine reactions.  She said they had none, but to report if we can any reaction as all reactions are reported through the provider to the national health authority.

Measles is NASTY, and because it's been exceptionally rare due to 4 generations of vaccinations - especially in the 1st world, people have forgotten.  But prior to the 1950's people were often praying for measles patients survival in synagogue.  Here's what often happens:

- 1 in 4 will be hospitalized      (money, time, disability, long recovery time)
- 1 in 20 will get pneumonia
- 1 in 500 will die
- 1 in 1,000 will get deafness or brain damage
- 1 in 10,000 will die 10 years later from central nervous system damage
- A significant percentage of infected pregnant women will have premature or low birth weight baby

The religious Jewish community is particularly susceptible because of our lifestyle... that being getting together in synagogue at least twice a week and for many up to 3 times a day.  That amount of communal interaction allows communicable diseases to travel more easily and therefore requires us to take greater hygiene and vaccination precautions.

I've taken mine, I recommend you take yours.


  1. We do need a bit of honesty, while trying to push people to do the right thing. A few years before the vaccination was introduced, the death rates plummeted to similar to the rates after mass inoculation. So, the statistics regarding death rates that you are quoting could be misinterpreted as as a dishonest attempt to manipulate people into doing what you feel is right.

  2. Don't take any chances. My 50 something sister, a breast cancer survivor, with a challenged immune system was hospitalized with measles in Pennsylvania, just before Pesach. Where she got it from, who knows.
    Be well all.
    ben Shlomo


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