Sunday, May 26, 2019

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It worked

   by Reb Gutman Locks  
     It worked


     I have a regular "talk" I give to boys wearing earrings. Sometimes it works. I usually say it when I am taking their picture with their camera so they will have a record of it.

     It goes like this: "When you get married, who's going to wear the pants in the family?"

      They almost always answer, "I am."

     "Then who's going to wear the earrings?"

     "She is."

     "Then, what's that for?" and I point to their earring.

      I take their picture as they laugh uncomfortably when they realize they have no sensible reason for it.

     I tell them the Torah says that if a Jewish man would steal something and could not pay back for what he stole, the court would sell him as a slave to another Jew for 6 years. Then, after six years, he went free. He went free unless he said, "I do not want to go free. I want to be a slave." If he would say this his master would bore a hole in his ear and he would be a slave forever.[i]

     "You don't want to look like a slave…you're not a slave. You're a free Jew. Throw that thing away."

     He said, "No more slavery!" and reached up to take it out to throw it away. Smart guy.


[i] actually until the Jubilee year 


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