Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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    by Reb Gutman Locks



     This week's Torah portion tells us, if our brothers become impoverished, we are to support them.[i] He is our brother! For the same reason we are also commanded to help him to pick up his fallen donkey. We are told that it is best to do this before they become poor since it is much easier to help someone before they fall than is it to pick them up after they fall.

     Just as this is true when their physical donkey falls, so is this true when their spiritual donkey falls.

     Yet, so many of us who would run to pick up a fellow Jew's physical donkey if it falls, totally ignore him when we see his spiritual donkey fall.

     It takes so little to help others to do a mitzvah, yet it can do so very much for them. You can change their life in a couple of minutes. And remember, whenever you pick up someone else, Hashem is going to pick you up. Guaranteed.


[i] Leviticus 25:35


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