Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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Do They Hear?

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
      Do They Hear?


     Standing at the Kotel, helping with tefillin, talking to so many people… often saying the same things over and over again…do they really hear? Do they listen to what you are saying? Rarely, will you ever see one of them again. Is it really worth it?

     When I walked over to help with tefillin this afternoon Shmuli had to tell me something.

     "Today I put tefillin on an American guy…he's 26 years old. When I finished, he asked, 'Where's Gutman?'

     I said, Oh, you saw some of his videos?

     He said, 'no'.

     Then you read some of his articles?

     He said, 'no.'

     So, I asked him, then how do you know Gutman?

     He said he was here with his father 10 years ago and you spoke with them.

     I asked him do you remember anything he said?

     He said, Yeah, He said marry a Jewish girl and get a good job."

     Hum, I guess it's worth it. How many conversations did you have 10 years ago that you can remember the details so well?

     Good ideas are like seeds, and you never know how you are going to change someone's life when you plant one.


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