Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Shabbos - Rejuvenation

by Lazar Weisz at Mystical Paths

Shabbos - Rejuvenation

וביום השביעי שבת וינפש

The holy Shabbos day is the Divine day of rest and rejuvenation. This meditation guides the listener towards a deep connection with the rejuvenating powers of this day, with the נשמה יתרה (extra soul) that descends upon the person, and with the inherent blessings that originate with shabbos as the מקור הברכה (source of all blessing).

Please note: this meditation should not be played on Shabbos.

Lazar Weisz currently lives in Monsey, NY. Inspired by the works of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, ob"m, and using traditional Jewish sources, he has created an online guided Jewish meditation channel where he publishes free guided meditations on a variety of subjects. His meditation channel can be found at, and his Facebook page at
To reach Lazar, please email:


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