Sunday, April 28, 2019

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What’s the Point of Prayer?

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     Why do we have to pray? Obviously, we want Hashem to answer our prayers, but why so long? Over and over again, sometimes it can go on for hours…calling out to Hashem. Surely, He could answer our prayers even if we requested something just one time. Why do we have to call out so much?

     The prayers are not designed to change Hashem. Hashem does not change. The prayers are designed to change us. When we call out to Hashem we are reaching up, looking toward the Higher, searching for His wonderous Presence. When we say, "Blessed are You Hashem," we are not giving Hashem a blessing. We are recognizing that Hashem is the source of all blessings and recalling this gives us a blessing. And when we pray in a minyan, when we stand as ten Jews all reaching up together, their calling out lifts us up even further.

     Even if sometimes we feel to yell out our prayers very loudly, remember Hashem is Present everywhere. We are standing before our Heavenly Father, the Source of kindness; He is in our very breath. When we call out sweetly, lovingly, our prayers are answered quicker.


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  1. H' wants our prayers. The more we dedicate ourselves to praying and beseeching H' for what we need but also to praise His Holy Name, it becomes more sincere and we become more sincere in our desire to connect to Him. H' loves the prayers of the righteous! Chazal tell us why did the Matriarchs have such a hard time in bearing children; it is because H' loved and wanted their prayers, so He delayed their bearing children. Prayer is our way to connect to H', so the knowledge of Hashem will someday soon become evident throughout the Universe for the world to know that there is only Hashem!


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