Tuesday, April 02, 2019

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Torah Vs. Islam

   by Reb Gutman Locks


     An Arab Muslim girl, Sadia Nadeem, left two comments on my video;

Is The World Real?

     In the video I quote Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian teachings about this world, and then compare them to the Torah's teachings.

     In her first comment, referring to me, she wrote: "He has a beard, why don't you call him terrorist too?"

    In the second comment, referring to the content of the video, she wrote: "You skipped what Islam says, because Islam exactly said the same thing but you can't face it." 

My reply to the girl:

     What is the reward a Muslim suicide bomber is promised in Heaven? "72 virgins with ample breasts."

     What is the reward a Jew who risks his life to protect other Jews will receive in Heaven? He will "bask in the radiance of G-d's Presence." Thank G-d I am a Jew.

    The Torah and Islam do not say the same thing.


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