Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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Their First Seder

    by Reb Gutman Locks


     The boys are Jewish…their father is not.

     We are faced with reality. How can we preserve the Jewish People? What can we do to help? When we will be sitting down to our Passover Seder they will be flying back to America! Do we say, "It's too late!" or "Good bye!", or do we try to save whatever we can?

     I told the boys, "Be smart like your father. Marry a Jewish girl." The father loved it. He said to them, "Absolutely!" and they all laughed.

     I explained to the boys that we are Jews because our mothers are Jews, so in order for their children to be Jews they had to marry only a Jewish girl. They understood.

     Shmuli gave the boys a small box of Matzahs to take with them and told them to eat them Friday night after dark, and they walked away, very happy … but did we really change anything?

     They enjoyed their visit to the Kotel…They liked that their father was shown respect… they heard how important it is for them to continue the Jewish people, and Friday night on the plane, when everyone else is enjoying their airline dinner, the boys are going to be excited to put out their box of matzah from the Kotel and celebrate their first Passover Seder.

      Did we do enough? We did what we could considering what we had to work with. Did it help? Time will tell.

     One thing is for sure, every Jew is precious, and every one of us has to help.


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