Thursday, April 04, 2019

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Make Things Holy

   by Reb Gutman Locks  

Make Things Holy


     First off: What is holy? The fact is, only Hashem is holy, and whatever we call holy, be it a Sefer Torah, tefillin, a sage, or such, points us toward Hashem's ways. And the things that we call unholy, lead away from His ways.

     A Jew is to elevate the world… this is our job. And how do we elevate it? We use it for holy purposes.

     For instance, what is one of the most dreaded jobs we face each spring? Spring cleaning! Yuck! We haven't really cleaned the house very well all winter long, and some of it is pretty dirty. We skipped on lots of places thinking to leave them until it warmed up a little. But now it is Spring time, and we have no more excuses. We have to really clean the house. Yuck!

     Wait a minute. Why are we cleaning the house right now? Passover. Hooray. The wonderful holiday of Passover is coming, and we want to fulfill the commandment of not having any leavening in our possession. So, we clean the entire house looking for that little stuff that G-d told us not to have during the Holiday.     

     See what we did? We elevated the yucky job of spring cleaning and turned it into the mitzvah of preparing the house for Passover. Now our "spring cleaning" has become holy work.

     This is what we are to do with all our needs. We are to utilize the physical world to fulfill the commandments of Hashem. Then our physical world becomes holy.

     Have a kosher and happy Passover.



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