Tuesday, April 09, 2019



   by Reb Gutman Locks



     I was on my way to daven when I saw a rabbi telling two Chinese women with two small children that they should ask me their question.      

     They were standing in front of the local medical clinic.

     They asked, "Do you speak English?"

     I said, "What do you need?"

     She, pointing to the clinic, asked, "Is this a hospital?"

     I said, "It's a medical clinic. It's like a hospital."

     She asked, "Is it only for Jewish people?"

     I asked, "What's the problem?"

     She brought her little girl close, maybe 5 or 6 years old, and pointed to the girl's eye. It had what looked like a serious infection, a large bump right on the eyelid touching her eye, and her eye had a couple of small red streaks.

     I looked into the clinic and saw a doctor sitting there whom I did not know.

     I walked into his office and told him that the Chinese tourist's daughter had an infection in her eye but, obviously, they do not belong to the clinic.

     He stood up and walked outside. I told the woman to show the doctor the problem. He looked at it for a second, turned back to his office and loudly said something I am sure disappointed the tourists. In English, it sounded either like, "No!" or "Go!". What he actually said was in Hebrew, "Bo" (Come)

     I told the women, "Go with him."

     Their faces lit up. They put their palms together. bowed slightly, and said, "Thank you, Thank you."

     I went on to daven. I was so thankful that he helped them. It made tears come to my eyes. It was such an important thing for him to do. He could have justified saying no since they did not belong to the clinic, but instead, he brought them in. He certainly set their opinion of Jews and Israel forever. It struck me so strongly to see the child helped…I was so thankful that he showed them that kindness.

     On my way back, I walked by and he was still sitting there. I went in and thanked him warmly saying, "I do not know those people at all, but thank you so much for helping them." I said, "Kindness is so important. Be strengthened."

     He was very happy that he helped them, and he was happy that I thanked him.




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