Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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IN YOUR FACE Anti-Semitism from the New York Times

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Fresh off the blatant weekend anti-Semitism at the New York Times, we get this the day after a mass murder of Jews in Poway - San Diego - California...

Why is this Anti-Semitism?

--> It depicts a Jewish religious figure, Moses, replaced by a political figure.

--> It depicts the 10 commandments from the Torah.

--> It uses the 6 pointed Star of David.

Blatant insulting of the Jewish religion to make a political point.

If this was made of the islamic prophet, there would be marching in the streets and death threats to the publishing establishment.  Luckily for them us Jews just write blog posts about it.

While the blood of children is drying and the family of the dead are mourning in California, the New York times publishes this.

Stop de-humanizing the Jews dear New York Times.  You are inciting to murder.

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  1. Why is this so surprising to everyone in regard to the infamous NY Times. They have always been that way, even when it belonged to a so-called Jewish family. Today, that Jewish family no longer exists as they have all become non-Jews through intermarriage. If they were this way when it belonged to these so-called Jews, why should it be surprising when they are no longer Jews?


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