Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Hashgaha Peratit (Divine Providence)

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
     Hashgaha Peratit (Divine Providence)


     There is a debate as to what exactly hashegaha peratit is. Some say it is G-d miraculously intervening in the natural order of the World's ways, while others say, since G-d does everything anyway, hashegaha peratit is just when Hashem does something in a way that He lets you see He has "intervened." 

     Although G-d's hand is obviously everywhere, it is well known that it is easier to see it working in Israel, and even more so in His Holy City, Jerusalem. 

     It was early in the morning at the Kotel on Chol Moed (Passover week day.) I was setting up for the minyan and a couple of guys came over and asked me if our minyan had a baal korei. A baal korei reads the sefer Torah out loud for the minyan. I told him that we have a regular reader in the minyan.

     A few minutes later another guy walked up and asked the same thing, if we had a baal korei for the minyan.

     I asked the gabbai (who runs the minyan) if our regular reader was going to be there.

     He said, "Of course he's coming. Why would you think differently?"

     I told him, "Two times guys came and asked if we had a reader, and I do not remember that every happening in all the years that I have been in the minyan."

     He said, "Don't worry!"

     Within 5 or 10 minutes the regular reader showed up and apologized saying that he had to daven in a different minyan so he couldn't read for us that day.

     We looked around and found another reader.  

     What's the point? Hashgaha peratit happens all the time everywhere, but we rarely pay enough attention to see it. 


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