Monday, April 29, 2019

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by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Having listened to the walk through given by the visiting Israel uncle during the synagogue mass murder attempt at the Poway, California Chabad, it becomes clear that the gunman entered, began firing in the lobby, AND TURNED TOWARDS AND STARTING SHOOTING AT THE CHILDREN.

You may ask, 'what's it matter, he went to perform an anti-Semitic mass murder?'

Targeting children speaks to Western society moving from "othering" to "de-humanization".  

A few hours before the attack, the New York Times, the "paper of record", published a de-humanizing picture of the Prime Minister of Israel.  Methinks there may be a pattern here.  When called on it, the paper rushed to publish this apology, "the image was offensive and it was an error in judgement to publish it."  What they failed to note is it IS a factor in de-humanizing which builds up to horrific events.

Terrorism, mass murder, and suicide are contagious... socially contagious.  This is demonstrated by the rise in suicide statistics in the US in any area where there has been a public suicide, and it is demonstrated by the insane rush to join ISIS.  Viral murderous ideas.

It must be stopped, protested, rallied against, and screamed against IMMEDIATELY AS IT HAPPENS.  The way to stop the virus is to suck away any interest or excitement, and replace it with PUBLIC DIGUST and complete public rejection.

An hour or so after the event, President Trump had a question thrown at him by the press as he headed out of the White House "do you think you could have done more or your positions...".  I wanted to shout myself to the reporter "do you realize your rhetoric (to pump up your ratings) that the president is anti-Semitic is empowering those who really are anti-Semitic?"

In the Pesach seder we say "they rise up against us in every generation".  We (Jews) have been fortunate over the past few generations to have a relatively peaceful time and relative stability and a generally civilized humanized Western world.  That is clearly shifting.

De-humanizing is in the air.  I recommend everyone do everything they can to push that monster away.  (And if you think it's just the Jews who are affected, read a little history.)


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