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Seder Night

by Aharon Rubin at Mystical Paths
Excerpt from Eye to the Infinite © 

Seder Night

Seder night, the first night (two nights in the diaspora) of Pesach, is possibly the greatest night in the Jewish calendar. The word ‘seder’ means order. The order dictating the various customs and mitsvoth surrounding the recounting of the exodus from Egypt on Pesach night correspond to the order of the spiritual worlds, their influx and influences. By following the seder, we resonate with and act as a conduit to their energies. 

This night is the revelation of the zro'ah yemin, G-d's right hand, the supernal attribute of Chessed.1 Thus, we garb ourselves in white, the colour of pure, altruistic chessed, and place silver vessels on the white tablecloth.2 This night, the Divine Presence is revealed within the lower realms.3

The three matsoth correspond to the three forefathers, Avrohom, Yitschoq and Ya'aqov, the pillars of the Jewish People (thus, they're placed under the plate, which corresponds to the Congregation of Israel), and to the three hidden moichin of the ten sefiroth, chochmoh, binoh and da'ath.4

The six items on the plate (the qa'aroh) at the head of the table correspond to the six sefiroth chessed until yesoid the revealed attributes of G-d.5 As they are placed on the table, contemplate G-d's Presence before you.

According to tradition, tonight is the night that Yitschoq, our forefather, gave the blessings to Yaaqov.
6 Tonight, the doors of Gan Eden are open.7 Influx of holy Dew comes down.8 A person may enter the Holy of Holies, like the Kohein Godol (High Priest) on Yom Qippur.9

Use the qa'aroh plate and its items to meditate on each of G-d's sefiroth. Use the Hagoddoh text as a springboard for visualisations of us being taken out of Egypt. Picture and feel the slavery and the stages of redemption. Allow yourself to go out of Egypt, on seder night, together with all your ancestors.
From Eye to the Infinite (© 5779) 

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